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What a bowl of soup taught me…

In the middle of chopping the celery that I had the thought, “Why do we overthink life?”. Somewhere in the midst of getting married, having babies and life beginning I had overcomplicated it. Shelves and shelves of the latest cookbooks stare at me and an underlying guilt that I don’t use my cookbooks enough. I scour the couple that grab me each week as I meal plan and try to come up with a new way to make my family happy over dinnertime. Which, Dear Reader, if you have ever cooked for three small children and a foodie, is not easy!


A couple cookbooks later and half-eaten meals I am frustrated that entire meals go wasted. I am tired.

In the middle of chopping the celery I realized I had been trying too hard to please the wrong people. I didn’t need a whole set of cookbooks to teach me how to create wholesome meals. I need to get back to the basics. And I did. Chicken, celery, carrots, some basil and some broth brought forth a warm, wholesome meal that was both satisfying to the appetite and to the soul. Not to be cliched.

I have forgotten that simplicity is not a lack in life but a journey to contentment and satisfaction, if one would merely look up from the mountain of cookbooks to find it.


Original author: Joanna Wang
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