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Want to Blog a Book This Summer?

Shaunta Grimes

BYOB Challenge: Year One kick off party!

The Blog-Your-Own-Book Challenge starts . . . right now!

BYOB is a chance for you to get some experience planning, writing, editing, and publishing a book. And while you’re doing it? You’ll work on building an audience and maybe make a little money.

How cool is that?

July is our planning month.

You’re going to write your book in a month. That’s going to be so much easier if you spend this month getting ready to do that.

The body of your book will consist of 31 blog posts. Obviously, that lends itself to a “31 Days of . . .” or “31 Ways to . . .” or “31 Steps to . . .” type thing. You could also write 31 flash fiction stories or 31 poems. You could write 31 connected essays that come together into a memoir or self-help book.

The possibilities are endless. And what I really want is for you to learn how to capture an idea and turn it into something. You can do that over and over again.

Your little book will be something you can sell to create an income stream. Or maybe you’ll use it as a lead magnet to help build your audience. It could also become the basis of a longer, larger project.

Maybe it will help you find your niche.

Here’s what you can expect in July.

I’m going to write posts for you that will help you do these things:

Choose your theme. We’re going to write 31 blog posts all on the same theme so that they’ll come together into a book. Choose your posts. If you know what they are ahead of time, you’ll be able to organize them so that they make a cohesive whole. Plan those posts. I’ll share my framework for planning a blog post. I promise, it’s going to make a huge difference. You’ll go into August with all of your posts ready to write. Advice for managing your time and some systems for making sure that you stick with this four-month project all the way through to the end. We’ll talk about your writer archetypes and how they can work with BYOB.

I’ll be doing the work, right along with you.

I’ll plan, write, edit, and publish my own BYOB project and I’ll share my process, to help you with yours.

That includes figuring out in July what exactly I’m going to write about. Choosing and planning my own posts. And using my own systems for actually following through.

In fact, the whole Ninja Writers team is taking the BYOB challenge.

Are you going to write a book this year?

If you sign up here, I’ll make sure you get a link to every post about BYOB.

Every challenge is more fun with a friend. Don’t forget to invite your writing community. Need a writing community? Come join mine. Let’s BYOB together.

Original author: Shaunta Grimes
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