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The Austrian Kaiserschmarrn: Cut-up and sugared pancake with raisins

Picture from Hans Braxmeier on Pixabay

Simple and delicious — cut-up and sugared pancakes with raisins and some interesting ways to refine and serve.


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You might have heard the phrase: You don’t need an extraordinary recipe to create delicious food. The recipe I will show you in this article is a prime example for the simplicity of most traditional food.

To prepare a Kaiserschmarrn you only need flour, milk, eggs, raisins, salt, sugar and butter. This delicious, fluffy sweet dish can be served with applesauce, plum roaster or compote. However there are several ideas to refine the standard recipe with ingredients like walnuts, berries and chocolate.

In this article I will show you the way I prepare Kaiserschmarrn as a native austrian and will offer some ideas to refine your sweet dish.

Picture from Lebensmittelfotos on Pixabay

3 separated eggs

~ 125 g / 1 US cup all purpose flour

~ 200 ml / 1/2 + 1/3 US cup milk

A little salt, vanilla sugar/vanilla extract , zest from an untreated lemon or aromat

A little Rum

Raisins which got soaked in rum

Granulated sugar, powdered sugar, butter and a bit vegetable oil

Mix the flour, milk, salt, vanilla sugar, lemon zest and rum with a whisk. You should get a creamy consistency. Add the egg yolks Prepare the egg white foam

(Usually the dough doesn’t get sugared)

Heat up a pan with a mixture of a little vegetable oil and butter Gently fold the foam under the dough. It doesn’t need to be completly mixed up. Pour the dough in the pan, reduce the heat, strew with raisins and cover it with a pan lid.

(The Kaiserschmarrn should get a nice golden color. Be carefull that it doesn’t get too dark. It’s better to use less heat at the beginning.)

As soon as the bottom gets a nice color, turn it and let the other side get golden as well. Now you can prick it, strew with a bit of granulated sugar and add a few small cubes of butter. Fry it some more.

(You can also caramelize the Kaiserschmarrn in the oven with strong upper heat and an oven-safe pan)

Serve and sprinkle with powdered sugar
Picture from Kai Wisznewski on PixabayReplace some of the flour with wholwheat flour or add oatmeal Replace some of the milk with mineral water Add chopped pumpkin seeds, nuts like chopped walnuts, grained hazlenuts, almonds to the dough Add cacao powder or melted chocolate (and serve with fresh raspberries or as a sauce) Add berries like blueberries to the dough Add cinnamon or orange aromat Add apples which got cut into small cubes to the dough Use brown sugar or serve with a caramel sauce Serve with ice cream Serve with lingonberry jam or vanilla sauce Serve with cocolate sauce, whipped cream Strew with nuts Serve hot chocolate or coffe as a drink

Just Add Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil To Everything

Do it like the people in styria (Austria). At least that’s what one of my former classmates once said.

Original author: Vi.Smith
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