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Putting Things Into Boxes

Thomas Despin �

We like to put things in boxes.

One thing is either good or bad.
One person is happy or sad.
One food is healthy or junk.

We use boxes to process informations quicker.

Who has time to analyse the composition of every single food before cooking?

It takes energy to assess each variable of each thing in life.

But when you do take the time to throw the boxes away,

When you look into the variables, the subtleties, the details,

Then you start to gain knowledge, awareness and control.

You realize that everything is gray.

One thing can be good for you and bad for someone else.

You can be happy for some thing AND sad for another, at the same time.

Some food can be healthy in certain quantities, or cooked a certain way, AND junk in other conditions.

We love binary boxes (it’s either inside the box, or outside if it), because it’s easy.

It makes us feel good.

But then you start to meditate, and manage to observe the large panel of things you can feel, all at the same time.

You learn about nutrition, and realize that it’s all about proportions and combinations.

You try to stop being judgmental, and observe that nothing is ever fundamentally good, or bad.

Things just “are”, and we label them, constantly, based on stories we like to tell to ourselves.

It’s only when we take them outside of their boxes, that we can truly appreciate their beauty and their complexity.

Take some time for this.

Take off the labels,

Open the boxes.


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Original author: Thomas Despin
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