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Nazi or a Joke? Offended or Publicity Stunt? Two Little Caesars Employees Fired After Customer…

Tom Cartney

Two employees in a Brook Park, Ohio Little Caesars pizza station were recently fired after creatively, yet offensively preparing a customer’s pepperoni “ready made” pizza.

They positioned 25 pepperonis to form the once divine and spiritual symbol in Indian religion, which Hitler stole in 1920 and changed its colors, and ruined it’s meaning to one that insultingly, yet intensely haunts the world even until today…

Not only did the Nazis slaughter the Jews, but also the Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, blacks, the disabled, political opponents of the Nazis, the list goes on and on. The Hitler dictatorship rule over Germany from 1933–1945, carried out a brutal plan to kill all of the Jews, which gave the Swastika symbol a meaning of racism, hate, bigotry and murder, a representation of the horrors of what America is going through today, with the extensively and targeted cold blooded police murders of innocent black Americans.

Why Didn’t these Customers Check Their Pizza Before Leaving the Store?

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Ok, back to the point of this article. After realizing (when making it to their home) that their pepperoni pizza was marked by a racist symbol, they were displeasingly shocked, and so they gave Little Caesars a call to file a complaint, but no one answered…it was near closing time.

Ok, so they didn’t check their pizza before leaving the store, an unwritten rule that they clearly broke. “Bad customers!” “Go to your room, NOW!”

Perhaps they checked their pizza, saw the symbol and liked what they saw (let’s check the store cameras for their every actions when collecting the objectionable pizza) and took it home with a huge evil smile on their faces (ha ha ha ha ha haaa!).

Looks like there is a pepperoni missing on the pizza:

Something gave these customers a change of thought, maybe the pepperoni was nasty, and they perhaps realized that reporting the incident could outweigh the enjoyment of indulging in a Nazi pizza…

..so they reported the incident to the press, and now they have a light shining down on them.

Are the Reported Little Caesars Employees Really Nazis?

Maybe they are against the whole Black Lives Matter movement and fully support racial killings in America to protect the white ruling. Or maybe, they were just playing a joke, one that their parents haven’t yet discussed the severity of at dinner. Right now, if these employees were kids of racist parents, then I’m almost certain that the bulk of their teachings are subliminally racist and to protect their kids from the Coronavirus pandemic, not backing down from what you believe in.

Little Caesars Enterprise Apologizes to the Victims and Releases this Statement to the Brook Park, Ohio Pizza Station…

“We have zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in any form, and these franchise store employees were immediately terminated. We’re deeply disappointed that this happened, as this conduct is completely against our values.”

Whether this act was a complete joke or a serious Nazi act, either or, Little Caesars Pizza do not tolerate this behavior. And as a result, if you participate in this conduct you will get terminated. If you decide to copycat this action, to perhaps get away with it, serve only a friend and a family member a pizza like this, not a random customer. Thank you!

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Original author: Tom Cartney
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