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Most Unusual jobs

Anything you can think of

Anything you can think of

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There are loads of people unsatisfied with there jobs and want to find exiting and interesting jobs that pay you enough to live happily today these are the top 10 most unusual jobs

10.Pet food tester

Are dogs have tastebuds too,someone has to do the work to make sure are pets have tasty treats to munch on. Although not much they earn a yearly salary of 34,000.

9.Line stander

The people that don’t like doing to much labour or hardworking jobs this is perfect for you! You just simply stand in a line waiting for a new product to launch. The job earns around £25 a hour.


Alone,tired and need affection hire a professional snuggler. Simply hug a person and nothing more. You can earn up to £80 a hour!

7.Personal mourner

Need someone to make the funeral more dramatic call a personal mourner. They show emotions of sadness and pain like no one else and make up to 120 per funeral.

6.Bed tester

Just don’t want to get out of bed then this is for you! Lie there and review simple you can get paid up to 57,000 a year.

5.Body part model

Have a nice looking hand or even a good looking leg then take this job up. Your hand will be a star actor in adverts maybe films. You may earn up to £75,000 a year.

4.Golf ball diver

Ever hit the wrong shot and shoot it in a lake or pond if yes then there is no need to worry as this is people’s jobs to get golf balls. These divers earn up to 100,000 year!

3.Snake milking

Have a fear of snakes then stay away as this is all you would be seeing in this job. Getting the venom out of snakes is not for everyone but,you could be persuaded with £30,000 a year.

2.A sleeper

Tired then just sleep as that’s all you need to do all day. Get hired by a hotel and help improve guest experiences. This can pay up to 39,000 a year.

1.Netflix watcher

Love netflix a bit too much then embrace it and start doing it all day reviewing new and unreleased shows for up to £300 per 3 shows and get unlimited food.

Will you be taking up theses jobs?

Have a good day


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