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How to use disposable chopsticks correctly?

John Zhang

Disposable chopsticks are not only related to environmental protection issues, but also related to human health, but there are many precautions I hope everyone can master.

Smell the smell. If the chopsticks are smoked with sulfur, it will have a slightly sour taste, so it is best not to use.

When the chopsticks are damp, they may bend and deform. Chopsticks may bend and deform after being wet, and even non-bamboo or wood-like spots, such as small black spots, may indicate mold and deterioration. Do not continue to use it.

Look at the packaging. See if there is the manufacturer’s name, trademark, and contact information on the outer packaging of the chopsticks. It is best to have the production date and shelf life.

Choose yellow-green for disposable bamboo chopsticks. Disposable bamboo chopsticks should be yellow-green, too dark and too yellow are not normal. Good disposable wooden chopsticks also have a touch of yellow, and the over-white may be soaked and bleached with industrial hydrogen peroxide or smoked with sulfur dioxide.

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Original author: John Zhang

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