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How to survive in a world of problems

Vasiliy Chernykh
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There is one very important thing that businessmen are not taught at an MBA. And, especially, students don’t study it at universities. Meanwhile, learning this is very important for anyone who is responsible for something and faces at least some kind of uncertainty.
This thing is called: overcoming anxiety and worry. I have learned for quite a long time to handle the permanent horror of a tsunami that invariably occurs when managing a business. Especially the last year, which was exceptionally hard. I want to share some of the techniques that are helping me. I took something from books (like Carnegie’s “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”), I got something from experience.

It is very good if you add your techniques to the list, as no relief is expected.

Often we fear abstractly, just that it will be bad. Our problems are 99.99% very local, they mean nothing even a year later. The technique of rationalization is very simple. Write down the problem that’s troubling. Then write down what your life will look like, if this problem is realized, in a month, a year, five years. You will find that, in general, almost always nothing will be disastrous in life, even if the worst version of the problem is implemented.

Most things that we worry about will never happen. And if it does, it is not what we thought it would be. So we just have to switch our thoughts to something good. It’s really quite, our thoughts are completely under our control.

Sleep, sleep and sleep again. Sleeping treats anxiety like nothing else. The main thing is to be able to fall asleep.

Run, run and run again. Few worries resist half a marathon.

Not as scary a problem as running and screaming “All is lost” panics. Minimize personal communication with people on nerves and negativity, even if they are colleagues. Technically, it is. Give up messengers in favor of email that you don’t open in the evenings. Meetings are only urgently needed, do not let every business sneeze live with you. Never make a phone call or solve a problem unless it is an emergency.

But if it is very stressful, it is useful to get very drunk, but once. After a hangover, it really releases. It’s a technique for the worst-case scenario.

Keep your brain free of information flow for at least a day or two. I’m going fishing. But you can just go for a walk. The main thing is a day or two of no electronic devices, categorically. The most severe depression and anxiety are treated by staying in a tent in the woods alone for a week. Two weeks alone in the mountains will make a new person out of anyone.

It is delicious food (moderately), children, beautiful things, music, sex. It’s all individual. The main thing is to pamper yourself and make yourself happy all the time.

Talk about the problem. With friends, with a psychologist. In the process of a detailed monologue, a person formulates the problem, which is spinning in his head. A clearly formulated problem is readiness for rationalization.

It is necessary to develop a tolerance for problems. We should consider their tasks. Problems are normal, the main thing is not to lose enthusiasm for failures. After all, there is only one way for luck — to increase the number of unsuccessful attempts.

Original author: Vasiliy Chernykh
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