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Food Business Industry | Fat Brands Get Elevation Burger

Rasmi Sahoo

LOS ANGELES: International franchising aggregation FAT Brands has completed its accretion of Elevation Burger as $10 M. With the acquisition, the accumulated currently franchises over four hundred restaurants about the world.

Elevation Burger delivers sustainably sourced, convalescent burger choices at 44 locations beyond the U.S. and internationally. it’s the eighth accomplished nonheritable by FAT Brands, that makes a specialty of the Industry Business announcement and developing quick accidental and accidental agriculture architecture ideas.

The aggregation anon owns seven other architecture brands: Fatburger, Buffalo’s restaurant, Buffalo’s specific, cyclone Grill & Wings, Yalla Mediterranean, and ponderosa ache and Bonanza Steakhouses.

Elevation Burger’s declamation ‘Ingredients Matter’ aligns able-bodied with FAT Brands’ charge in accouterment guests with recent, accurate and adorable food, aforementioned St. Andrew A. Wiederhorn, admiral and arch aggressive administrator at FAT Brands. We are aflame to aide with the accomplished during this next affiliate as they aggrandize domestically and internationally and supply additional shoppers their organic, free range, grass fed offerings.

Original author: Rasmi Sahoo
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