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Chips and Dip — The Classic Combo, the Classic Persona

Giovanna Castro-Perkins

Chips and dip are truly a magnificent snack for ‘round the table talk and drinks. Having a meeting? Don’t forget the chips and dip. Having a party? Don’t forget the chips and dip. Have the hot guy from next door coming over to “hang out”? (Nervously) pull out the chips and dip for some pre-sexy time snacking. Chips and dip are there for our greatest moments such as celebrating a child, getting married, finishing school, or catching up with friends. Chips and dip are also there for our worst moments. That hot guy you (totally did) didn’t hook up with from a couple of nights ago just told you he’s seeing someone else, but hopes you can still be “great friends”… pull out the chips and dip, it’s time for cry snacking. Have a bring-your-own treat funeral? Chips and dip. Okay, the point? Chips and dip are appropriate for any given occasion at any given time. This is Chips and Dip. We are Chips and Dip.

My goal with this blog is to spark conversation of any topic with any person of any background. Look, I’m going to be honest. I’m not the smartest, I’m not talented (I can flip my eyelids inside-out, though), I’m not this influencer or person to inspire other people. I’m just me. I’m just a person with everyday problems, everyday fears, everyday questions. Everyday. I don’t have many friends, but I have much to talk about and I figured “hey, let me get online and see how many people like me there really are because I’m super lonely and socially awkward”. That’s where the idea of Chips and Dip began. I was sitting on the couch accompanied by my husband after not smoking drugs (we’re from Colorado, you can guess what we were doing) and while we were sitting with our brains in our hands and our stomachs rumbling, we intensely though about the magic and unity chips bring to people. Food in general, really. And if you are one of those people that say “I don’t really like chips”, that’s a flat out LIE. There are all kinds of chips for all kinds of people much like my conversations. Something for everyone.

When you visit my blog, I hope your belly is full of snacks and your mind is wild with curiosity and raw truth because mine are. I hope you feel welcome at the round table and even if you dOn’t LiKe cHiPs, there are plenty more snacks to fill your mind.

We are snacks. We are meals. We are Chips and dip.

Original author: Giovanna Castro-Perkins
Institute — Log # 7

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