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Can The Ceramic Dishes Be Heated In a Microwave Oven?


Many people now have microwave ovens in their homes. Microwave ovens are a common cooking item. Because many people don’t have much time to cook, they use microwave ovens to heat food. Microwave ovens heat food faster, but pay attention to not everything is placed in the microwave oven. Can the porcelain dishes be heated in a microwave oven? Kitchen Ceramic Dishes Supplier to share with everyone.

1. Can ceramic dishes be put in a microwave oven?

Ceramic dishes can put a microwave oven, but the dishes that have the metal edge or metallic pattern is not ok, can cause strike fire, damage dishes and microwave oven. Ceramic dishes can be placed in the microwave at room temperature, but not immediately after taking it out of the refrigerator. That would burst.

2. Ceramic dishes put microwave heating attention

The ceramic dishes that heat up in microwave oven must be all element porcelain is provided, namely white porcelain, the proposal that contains glaze color does not put microwave oven to heat, glaze color encounters heat can decompose harmful material, be contaminated have harm to the body on food, the glaze color safety of cheap tableware is lower.

3. Will the ceramic dishes be exploded in the microwave oven?

The nature of the ceramic dishes is stable. Under normal circumstances, there will be no explosion. Do not place the plastic and tin foil items on the porcelain bowl to avoid the reaction during the heating process, resulting in fire and other phenomena.

4. Check the quality of the ceramic dishes

If you are not sure if your bowl can be hot, put the empty bowl in the microwave and heat it for about 30 seconds with maximum microwave power. Then feel the temperature of the bowl by hand. If it is hot, it is not suitable. The lower the temperature, the better.

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