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A few things…Week 2

Adam Brent Whitten

A newsletter by Adam.

I noticed someone else was using the name “A few things…” I thought it would just be better if I changed it. I actually kind of like this new name to be honest. It feels more personal. Agree?

Here we go!

Apple Watch
My girlfriend got me an Apple Watch for my birthday! I know right?! Like how fucking spoiled am I?!? After our festive birthday party full of tacos and cheesy queso, I was PUMPED to take my watch back up to our apartment and start setting it up. After a few failed attempts, we realized that the watch Morgan had bought from Amazon, was a refurbished one and the previous owners had forgot to turn off Find My Watch I suppose. She knowingly purchased it refurbished because honestly who the fuck is paying $700-$800 bucks for a new one? Not this family my friends. Amazon, of course, was speedy with sending us a new one, with no problem (and that’s why they are winning �‰). We got the new watch Sunday evening and after a 4 hour OS update, my Apple Watch came to life! I added my Dexcom G6 to my watch so that I can monitor my glucose without having to pick up my phone. Let me tell you… it’s a BLESSING y’all.

Birthday Dinner
LISTEN UP…This is not a plug and I’m not getting paid to say this I swear. But… If you ever find yourself in Charlotte you MUST make it a priority to eat dinner at Mama Ricotta’s. Mama’s literally breathes life into my body. It’s a homestyle Italian joint that offers a wide variety of dishes from pizza to pasta, to chicken parm. If you know me, you know I can’t pass up a good plate of chimikin. Peep their menu or message me if you ever want some food recommendations around Charlotte! PS: The Nutella Cheesecake is to DIE for…no literally…I’m diabetic, it could kill me.

hot date ;) fucking yum

Outer Banks
We spent Thanksgiving with Morgans grandma. Fun fact: she lives at the outer banks! So early Thursday morning we packed up our life for a day and moved to the beach where we ate some GOOD food. Morgan’s grandma is an incredible cook and I always leave there feeling stuffed, over weight, and a total fat ass. Marley enjoyed the beach of course and we enjoyed our time spent with everyone down there!

ps: this is marley and morgan

I haven’t made much progress this week since it’s been a holiday. I’ve been back and forth on this whole Loop project idea. As far as work goes, everything has been going smooth. We’ve had a good selection of cars move around at Hemmings and as far as analytics go we are still seeing a consistent amount of traffic and a consistent amount of engagement from users!

Loop project, what’s next? MORGAN, WE GOTTA WRAP CHRISTMAS GIFTS. Marley’s got a vet appointment �” Refine the newsletter (y’all let me know how I’m doing please)

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Original author: Adam Brent Whitten
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