The Ultimate Medical Mnemonic Comic Book: Color Version [B.O.O.K.S]

Tzeet Karina

[PDF] [DOWNLOAD] The Ultimate Medical Mnemonic Comic Book: Color Version Full Ebook By Dwayne a Williams

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Book Descriptions:
Whether you’re a medical student, physician, physician assistant, nurse, student, or other health care professional, you need to access a vast wealth of information quickly and accurately. From the finer points of human physiology to differential diagnoses, pharmacology, and complex medical procedures, you’re expected to have the facts you need, when you need them.Memorizing and retaining so much information is a gargantuan task. Health care professors Dwayne A. Williams and Isaak. N. Yakubov are here to help with hundreds of health care-related memory aids.The Ultimate Medical Mnemonic Comic Book combines mnemonics, over 150 cartoons, bullet points, and humor to review and retain important medical information.While not intended to be a sole source of information, Williams and Yakubov’s work offers a lighthearted but effective supplement to traditional textbooks. Clever mnemonics and funny wordplay stick in your head, while cartoons offer memory anchors for visual learners.The

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Original author: Tzeet Karina
Fundamentals of Nursing [B.O.O.K.S]
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Friday, 19 July 2019

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