The Pomodoro Technique


I spent 2 hours on this activity. As I am going for live auditions of Voice of Punjab at the end of March at Alhamra so I decided to learn a new Raag. I spent first 25 minutes in practicing my vocals and voice. I took a break and brought my laptop to see the pattern of Raag Chhayanat. I kept on listening it again and again. Eventually, I played it on harmonium. It was an amazing experience. This technique is really very helpful


While I was practicing, my phone distracted me few times. Also, my neighbour aunt was scolding a delivery man who mistakenly knocked her door. My father came from outside and I started discussing with him about my learning process.

Original author: Hassan Nouman
I am very proud of I love my son to the moon and b...


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Sunday, 25 August 2019

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