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Reading newspaper is really frustrating when one encounters continuous ongoing illegal internet frauds in every industry. Fake banking site, lottery scam, fake antivirus warnings are few to enlist. Even comic industry is in the ballpark. Death of Stan Lee was considered to be the big loss for the industry but what we feel after realizing the illegal internet hosting in comic industry that piracy, increasing frauds has become bigger issue. Comics have always lacked a user experience and it is like the discontinued Popcorn Time.

There are couples of sites which will go unnamed for a couple reasons arrived at changing the game for comics. Now with few such sites, comic industry is dealing with much greater piracy issues than ever before. And if we go on elaborating the traffic such sites receives, it will leave you shocked. And not just a lot of visitors but the incredible depth to their visits is even more. A visitor stays at least for 18 to 20 minutes on a site on an average. That’s not the scariest part though, but the alarming part is that they are increasing and growing like nowhere.

In the comic industry, where many small new creators are riding the razor’s edge between success and failure, this can be a big killer for them. These sites deeply impact comics in the long run and they truly need help. We all are pretty aware that number one is an easy sell if we compare with number ten. Struggling artists are seen nowhere and also small publishing too face tough times.

Questions which came to mind with such growing illegal piracy in industry are numerous. What could be done? Is there any hope for comic industry like music did eventually? Who knows what the future holds for such sites and what impact they will keep on doing to the comic industry?

Well, if we go on telling you that Science and technology do have an answer to these questions. Yes, especially the Blockchain technology. Let us get familiar with this tech first. It is incorruptible digital ledger and this ledger can be programmed to store anything which is of value. And no centralized version of this information exists for hacker to corrupt. As information is stored in blocks that are identical across the network makes Blockchain revolutionary- It cannot be controlled by single entity and chances of failure are zero. We know it sounds quite revolutionary but it is truly a mechanism to bring highest degree of accountability. Think for yourself, no missed human or machine errors, no more missed or fraud transactions, and above all no exchange if parties do not give consent. That means if a comic artist go on storing a data across its network, it eliminates the risk that data is being handled centrally. Rather it will belong to the artist who actually owns it.

So now, when we know that Blockchain technology is the key for any frauds and if a platform comes up integrated with this technology in comic industry, and then it will be a real revolution in this entertainment industry. Exactly with this concept comes up a platform — WARRIOR COMICS, WC for short. Warrior comic is first ever decentralized blockchain based platform where consumers will be served extraordinary comic stories, remarkable characters and animation of another level. The great part being that it is not for consumers only, it is meant for users too. Yes, basically aiming at promoting fresh artist and their valuable art and also monetizing their works. And best part being the transparency and highest accountability being offered by this decentralized platform. Also artists can create their own accounts on this platform and can promote their work themselves too. It is more like a tube of animation and comic industry where artists will receive the importance they deserve. WC will also have their own products under WC Originals and will also promote the work of artists too globally.

What do you think, the advent of blockchain in comic industry with Warrior Comics platform will revolutionize this industry or not? We left this question open for you!

Original author: Warrior Comics
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