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The Journey Begins: Heroes or Monsters

So here is the first chapter of my other science fiction serial I hope you enjoy it. This book is dedicated to my good friend Robert Kelley who inspired the characters and their powers.

Chapter 1: Did this really work?

It worked, just as it did the last time. I can’t tell anyone of course but it worked. There has been news of odd happenings and sightings of people doing things that were beyond normal. People have even claimed to see people flying. But that was crazy right? Just news media hype because we had all started finding better things to watch. Yet here I am wearing this really nice jacket and the guy just handed it to me.

Was this really a gift and is it even real? I asked someone for something and they just gave it to me no question. Then they walked off as if it was no big deal. I would have expected them to stop me or ask why I needed it but nothing. If this is real, imagine what I could do with this, is it a superpower.

No that sounds silly but what else could it be there are people lifting buses and possibly flying. Oh, that would be cool I want to fly that would rock. I’m going to have to be careful with this and test it more before I am sure that this works. The funny thing is the people don’t remember that I ask them.

It is almost like amnesia. What is going on and where are all of these abilities coming from all of the sudden? Maybe it is something caused by the pollution like Swamp Thing or perhaps an experiment that was done that got out of hand.

If it was an experiment why don’t I remember being experimented on. Better yet why wouldn’t anyone be talking about it. Most of these people are hiding or only being caught in glimpses as they are doing something amazing then running off. Except me I can only take things… Wait that sounds a little thief like… Be given things I ask for politely. That sounds better, I think.

Of course, of all the possible super powers I get one like this. I really gotta try flying though. Maybe I can figure out a way to find some of the others and ask them what this is all about. But how do I find people that don’t want to be found? Where do I even begin and who would I ask?

The news has been terrifying people with news of these people with abilities so it will be risky to ask. Then there are also people coming out of the woodwork, all of the sudden, claiming that it is aliens or some such. That would explain how I got this gift without remembering how. There is also a chance it could be like the plot of a comic book or like some of those TV shows.

People just stared getting powers and no one really knows how or why. Then those in society without the powers begin to fear those with them. Of course, you have the two opposing sides that one wants to control everything and the other just wants peace with everyone. I wonder how many there are so far?

I guess a safe place to go would be the library. I can use the computers and try and dig up and news that might lead me to someone. It would help a lot if there was some bald professor that knew I had powers and would come find me. It would be really convenient for sure. But unlikely which means I’m on my own.

I probably will need to keep a low profile and avoid cameras as much as possible while I’m at the library. The government is probably not able to follow all of the Internet traffic of people searching for these super heroes or whatever. But it always pays to be careful when you’re one of the ones they may come after. Well the sooner I get there the sooner I might have some answers.

…to be Continued

Original author: David Calvert
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