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Portable Camping Toilet Chair:

Nature provides all the aesthetics and opportunities to have fun, relax, and vacation in the wilderness. There’s only one very important item however, it does not provide. Once in a while , every camper and outdoor enthusiast will need a toilet.

It is perfect for mobile seating areas, fire pits, motor home tip-outs, fishing docks, and hunting stands. Unlike some collapsible camping seats, this chair is comfortable to use for long periods of time. www.yuganinternational.com

Campers are becoming more and more aware of how humans can impact natural environments. It also helps to preserve clean, healthy and attractive camping locations for others.


· Very lightweight product for easy portability.

· Supplied with required chemicals kit to lower the odor.

· Facilities: In this, top seat and water tank can be separated from bottom sump releasing side snap type brackets for cleaning. The discharge of collected waste can be carried out through large drain passage. Flush water can be obtained by pressing a rubber bellow. Bad odor can be restricted closing sliding gate when a toilet is not in use.


1. Can Portable Toilets be used in Hot climates?

Yes, in fact they do very well in warm climates. These are designed to optimize airflow within the unit and additional equipment such as solar or battery power fans are available to keep the air moving. Bacteria within the holding tank can be more active in a warm climate so additional chemicals are usually used in order to reduce the bacterial activity.

2. What comes with a portable toilet?

A standard portable camping chair comes with 2 rolls of toilet paper. Additional features such as hand sanitizers, fans & lighting, and paper seat covers are added as well.

3. How does portable Toilet work?

A portable toilet is a small, light-weight, self contained bathroom that requires no connection as such. It works by storing waste within a holding tank that contains chemicals designed to neutralize odors. Due to its features and simplistic design, the portable camping toilet chair is a great solution to providing restrooms at camping sites.

To know more:- www.yuganinternational.com

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Original author: Chaitali Gathe
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