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Night Swimming

Rocking the boat on a family vacation is inevitable. But there are rewards for those who go with the flow .

Original author: Background Noise Comics
My Five Favourite Songs of 2018
Translating “I don’t want to hurt you”


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Sunday, 16 June 2019

Com a popularidade dos sidekicks nos anos 60, diversos parceiros mirins foram criados para os seus respectivos heróis. Batman e Robin…Continue reading...
I’m writing a comic book.Here’s how it happened. I was at a 5X5 meeting in Muskegon, Michigan, that’s a uniquely structured venture capital seed fund....
Meu deus, leiam esse negócio!Lembram que eu paguei um pau tenso pra Crianças do Crepúsculo? Lembram que eu falei super bem de Art Ops? Então, The Wick...
I thoroughly co-sign that. I rail against DC for it’s multiversal, cosmic, and global concerns that don’t parallel or mirror personal or interpersonal...
Source: PixabayI have always wondered how my mother is able to manage hundreds of tasks at a time, without any complaint. Meanwhile, if I attempted to...

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