My challenge for February, and some unfinished business

Project_Deku/ day 32

A reason why my endeavor is called Project_Deku/

Alright, so it has been a REALLY LONG TIME.

I did not write anything after the 25th of Jan, so effectively the challenge lasted 25 days. I was able to go from being a below average typer to better than 80% percent of the world’s typists, so that’s pretty cool, but still the goal remains unfinished. I haven’t yet achieved speeds >100wpm.

Just because the challenge is over doesn’t mean my speed will not grow though. I need to put in as much as just 5 minutes per day to be able to reach the target comfortably, or at least that is what I believe. Let’s see how that goes!

That’s that, and here comes the challenge for February! I’m particularly super excited for this one.

With just one month in hand, can I make a full 20 page manga?

Extreme pros take a week*

Now, a manga is in rudimentary terms a comic, but it features extensive artwork, different styles, deep character development ( although that happens in a series; I’m only making an equivalent of one episode), and a lot of crazy imagination!

The image in the header is from “ Boku no Hero Academia”, or “ My hero academia” in English. I’m not going to begin describing the story here, mostly because then this will be a really long article, and that it is not the point of this writing.

Right, let’s get to the beginning of this. How do I start?

I mean, I’m not particularly terrible at drawing, but I’m not great either. My drawings could pass for a ‘meh’. (Yep, that would be a good definition of what my doodles look like!)

I have found some great books online that particularly teach the manga style, and these would be a good starting place, because, let’s face it: I can’t even draw a character aside from front view properly.

I’ll be learning a lot of techniques and styles, But this time I will put a constraint to this challenge, and that is to not invest more than 40 minutes per day. That’s 40 minutes for the activity, and 20 minutes for compiling and writing the blog.

This is one fair estimate.

So in all, I will be spending less than 30 hours on this challenge

all Image credits go to the great Kohei Horikoshi, the artist and writer of BNHA.

Manga show particularly rich artwork and I’m not sure exactly how I will accomplish that, but then again, it is a challenge!

I will probably make a fancomic of some kind, at least that is the idea as of now. Let’s see if that changes. I’m too damn sleepy now, I’ll begin posting my own art and the techniques that I have learnt beginning tomorrow.


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