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March/April 2019 round-up

Has it really been two months since my last update? It feels like ages. I hadn’t even seen Captain Marvel then, nevermind Avengers: Endgame. It’s a very emotional time for me between the latter and Game of Thrones’ final season.

These two past months saw Apple and Disney unveil their new streaming services. The reactions to the first presentation annoyed me enough to hammer out this reaction pretty quickly:

Anger at Spielberg Demonstrates People Don’t What a Hypocrite is
We should all be disturbed by how Steven Spielberg’s backhanded compliment of Netflix has been distortedmedium.com

As much as I love Spielberg, I’m still annoyed I had to defend a billionaire. On a happier note, Disney’s presentation led to a fun piece (if I say so myself) at Multiversity Comics, which I’m sure you’ll find even more relevant after seeing Endgame:

Spin-Offs Are Safe: The Comics Marvel Studios Should Adapt on Disney+
Last week, The Walt Disney Company unveiled its upcoming streaming service Disney+, which will become available in…www.multiversitycomics.com

It was basically a reverse of our usual We Want Comics columns, for which I wrote a piece marking the Elder Scrolls’ 25th anniversary:

We Want Comics: The Elder Scrolls
Welcome back to We Want Comics, a column exploring intellectual properties, whether they're movies, TV shows, novels or…www.multiversitycomics.com

I was busy as always covering news for the sites, especially with WonderCon and C2E2 on, and recapping Black Lightning and Legends of Tomorrow. TV wise, I got to cover a couple of other shows:

Five Thoughts on DC Super Hero Girls' "#SweetJustice"
The DC Super Hero Girls line has been such a big seller for DC now that it's rather surprising it's only becoming a TV…www.multiversitycomics.com

That was a one-off, to acknowledge this fun show without having to write five thoughts every week on the subsequent 11-minute episodes. Below was me covering for our regular reviewer:

Five Thoughts on Star Trek Discovery's "Such Sweet Sorrow" Part 1
Hello Multiversity Trekkies, this is your acting captain Chris: Liz is with an away team, so I'll be covering the…www.multiversitycomics.com

I also covered for some reader polls on the site, and am continuing to upload that week’s exclusive preview from Marvel Comics, it’s just been a whirlwind — a great example was the Friday we learned Kazuo Koike passed away, and then I created the poll to honour him again that day.

As I said, it’s been a long couple of months: looking at my tweets, I apparently played Red Dead Redemption 2 during this time, which is mindboggling to consider given how overstuffed that (beautiful) game is. Likewise, it amazes me Broad City, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Fleabag all ended within the span of two weeks less than a month ago.

As always, feel free to support me by donating to my PayPal or buying me a Ko-Fi. I leave you now with Sara Bareilles’ new album, which has become my main relaxant since its release earlier this month:

PS. I totally called Captain Marvel and Game of Thrones.

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Sweet Dreams Are Made of This — Gâteau de la Reine
Mixed Veggie Salad


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