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I picked Hellboy to watch at the cinema because I found the previous adaptations quite intriguing. They had interesting lore and an interesting story. And the new trailer promised the movie to be somewhat different from the huge pile of marvel superhero movies that have been dominating the cinema lately. While it was quite different in some aspects, as a whole, it was quite a weak movie unfortunately.

First let’s start with the fact that the new Hellboy is a reboot made by Neil Marshall, not a sequel to the previous hellboy movies made by Toro.


Hellboy is played by David Harbour from Stranger Things. While falling short when compared to the previous Hellboy played by Ron Perlman, his performance is not what makes the movie bad.

The sidekicks of Hellboy are terribly boring and one-dimensional. Alice Monaghan (Sasha Lane) is a girl that Hellboy saved when she was just a baby. Now she is some sort of cool fighting fortune teller. Ben Daimio (Daniel Dae Kim. From the tv show “Lost”) is a former U.S Marine who is also a werejaguar (Yes, a jaguar version of a werewolf). These two characters are just immensely boring and a pain to watch. The writers tried too hard to portray them as badass and deep, but failed in both missions.

The main antagonist (played by Milla Jovovich) is not that bad, certainly when compared to the other characters. She plays the Blood Queen, a menacing witch who wishes to destroy humanity.


There is so much exposition in this movie. So much unnecessary talking, that the creators probably think that the viewers are mentally challenged in some way. I always am in favor of directors who show us, instead of just boringly telling us what they want the viewer to know.


The music choices were so strange in this movie. Even though some songs were good they felt a little misplaced here. In some fight sequences the creators put rock music which wasn’t exactly very fitting. And some songs were just horrible, the dubstep was surely ear bleeding.


The violence was actually quite interesting in this movie. Even though sometimes it seemed that the creator was just trying to show violence for the sake of violence, it was still different than what you see in a lot of movies, and I certainly did not expect to see some scenes in the theater. It was quite over the top, but that does not make it automatically bad. It was actually quite fun to watch.


The editing in this movie is horrible. It jumps from one place to another without giving the viewer enough time in between to understand or think about what he just saw. There a lot of unnecessary scenes in the movie. Speaking of unnecessary things, there are too many characters in the movie. There are a lot of interesting characters in the hellboy universe. And it feels that they tried to shove all those characters in one movie. By doing so, the did no favors neither to the characters, nor the viewers. Now don’t get me wrong, some characters are fascinating, like Baba Yaga (straight from the old Russian fairy tales) the old witch that lives in a hut (wich has giant chicken feet) in the middle of a forest,or the ungodly creatures that came out of hell in the last part of the movie and just massacred people in the most grotesque ways that is possible. But in the end it is just one movie so there was no need to cram everything here to justify the sequels that the creators are interested in creating.

The movie tries to do too much, it tries to be too much and unfortunately doesn’t succeed. Just because you put a lot of “stuff” in a movie that doesn’t necessarily make it smart, and it certainly does not guarantee it’s success.

After watching this movie I had an idea that maybe it would be interesting to have Hellboy as a tv show, because there are a lot of interesting characters that have a lot of potential.

In the end it isn’t a terrible movie, but it is a mess that made the fans disappointed that they got this, instead of a sequel from Guillermo del Toro.

Original author: Alvy Daumier
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