Denotation & Connotation in Comic Studies

Comics & Politics: Learning to see ideology everywhere in Frank Miller’s 300, and other comics & graphic novels.

Among my commitments in teaching an Honors College course in Comic Studies this term, I have spent a lot of instructional capital connecting the students of Southern Oregon University’s HON315 with the larger frameworks by which scholars have traditionally studied mass media.

We have explored Media Effects, Audience Reception, Cultural Studies and other approaches to empirical and critical studies of media, especially spending time last week on Mythologies by Roland Barthes, the role of ideology in the normalization of culture, and his methods for describing and interpreting everyday life.

In their blog posts this week, students have exercised those same skills for recognizing denotation and connotation in the media, directly applied to comic book texts:

Gabriella Anderson

Death of Captain America leads to Hydra’s Rebirth
Vote Red Skull for a new

Allison Blaine

Join Forces with Super Heroes — You Already Know Them
The first page of Iron Man Issue #286 features an ad compelling readers to “join forces with Marvel’s Super Heroes.” It…

Sayre Cohen

Dissecting the Accusation of a Gods’ Capability of Murder
Without dialogue, a story can still be

Emily Eckart

The Adventures of Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman is a DC character which first made her appearance in 1942. She quickly took over as one of the most…

Eden Ferguson

Poison Ivy: The Brilliant Scientist Scantily Clad In Foliage
So here’s the thing… This week I read Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death (Issue #1). I don’t have an extensive…

Kierin Harrison

Help Her!
These pages of Kindred: The Graphic Novel capture the complex power dynamics of the characters battling with racism…

Hannah Howard

A Prisoners’ Freewill
For this assignment, I chose to read another of EC’s comics. This time, I went for Issue 12 of the Crime and Suspense…

Jesse Rego

A Perfect 50’s Image: A Myth
I read issue #22 of Crime SuspenStories for a few reasons. One being that its cover caused so much controversy upon its…

Jay Takarabe

By Ronald

Danya Torp

Before She Was Kamala
According to an article published by Smithsonian Magazine on February 15th, 2017, titled “The 1977 Conference on…

Madeleine Wack

Maiden, Mother, and Crone : The Women of The Sandman
By: Maddie

Chy Wright

Ethical Angelic Standoff: A Semiotic Analysis of Platinum End
Even if cliffhangers exist to cajole a reader into purchasing the next volume, they can contain more than just exciting…

Original author: Erik Palmer
Está no ar o Gametalks!
Shopee: Flipping the Flop


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