Dear Pastor, You tried it!

Hostage situation

Just yesterday, I sat in a funeral and watched as a pastor hurriedly ate and stumbled over his words to get to an altar call in the middle of the funeral.

An altar call, at a funeral?! What part of the movie was this?

You think by living a good life, you are going to heaven?!

Me to myself: “well, actually …yea, I do.”

Pastor to the audience: “you’re wrong!”

Me to myself: “Nope, I’m pretty sure living well with others is the path to eternal peace.”

Him: “you are wrong! You must give your life over to Christ!”

Me: “I already did that but I’m pretty sure Christ didn’t anoint you to do this at a funeral.”

Him: “I went to an all faith event and there was an Imam there. During my prayer, I described Muslims’ belief that on judgment day you walk a tightrope and if you’ve lived a good life the rope is sturdy for you to cross over and if not, you slip into the fire. The Imam smiled and then I said “Imam, there ain’t no rope. The only way to avoid the fire is through Jesus Christ!”

Me: mouth on the floor — whispering to my aunt beside me: “This man is so disrespectful!”

I could’ve walked out but I was there to support a close family member as she grieved the loss of her mom.

I could’ve sucked my teeth loudly but that would’ve been disrespectful to the other mourners, my family members, and the dead.

There we were trapped at the mercy of this disrespectful man as he attempted to issue a tone-deaf call to Christ to unsuspecting mourners.

What a bait and switch?! I wonder if God or Christ forgive this type of hostage situation tactic in the name of spreading the gospel?!

And right there and then, I decided to pen a letter…

Original author: Melissa A. Matthews
“So Wanna Come Over?”
Dear Birds Of Stinky Town,


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Tuesday, 21 May 2019