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CT Scan With Contrast (What To Expect)

When my physician said I had to go for a CT scan to rule out uterine issues, I panicked. I googled like there was no tomorrow. I wanted to…

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He is definitely confusing Jagermeister US flag sh...
Life: A User’s Manual | ^>PDF @>BOOK Georges Perec


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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

“””Train of Consequences Megadeth albums. his stuff is (Mauritania) [evening] Masa elher You by Secondhand Serenade (Oklahoma & Florida USA) miss ...
Recently, for a community art installation I got several people to fill out questionnaires, based on how we perceive the near future to be. Specifical...
As I was walking downtown this weekend I found myself outside the first comic book store I’d ever been in. Up a narrow staircase and tucked into an up...
Sonic BlastOver the weekend I spoke with a friend about comics. We’ve had multiple conversations about comics and video games. We often have very diff...
They hopped in the car, continuing their journey to Brass in a tad more comfort than they’d become accustomed too. A rumble and roar came from the bac...

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