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Reach Skyline

Comics on Instagram serve as a stress relief for the people on this platform

Comics have always been around in history. Many of us grew up reading comics, watching cartoons based on it and some of us even loved to see the comic strips that came in the supplementary newspaper. Comic books not only meant the superhero ones that we get in the books and magazine shop. They also taught us a lot about life and gave us life lessons to absorb in a simple manner.

Instagram is the “In thing” now and everyone is showcasing their talents there. The comic scene is slowly growing in the portal and is reaching millions of people who have a taste for comics. What makes them all unique is that each and every comic page is different. Some talk a great deal about life through simple illustrations, some about jokes that make a lot of sense about the current situations of the world. These comics surely make rounds and make us smile or make us think through the mind boggling illustrations. Here are some of the different comic pages in Instagram that have really come a long way to please us with their characters and illustrations

Cyanide and Happiness

If you are up for some real jokes that are quite adult related then you should totally head over to their page to witness some action. They are fun to read and sometimes even take a dig at the society that we are living in.


Yes, I am hot in this

This comic page is created by the Muslim-American woman called Huda. Instagram has been her outlet to express the things that she undergoes as a Muslim in America through her drawings. So now her page has grown into a small community of people who appreciate her witty comics.


Awkward Yeti

It is one of the most famous comics out there. They depict the real struggle between the heart and the brain through their cute characterization and drawings that are peppered with everyday situations.


Poorly drawn lines

It is a comic page where the birds that feature in it talk honest truths regarding life which might sound hurtful but make a lot of sense. It is one of the pages that deal with the concept of giving life lessons through very simple illustrations.


Sarah Anderson comics

She illustrates everyday life struggles like no one. Her unique character is a small woman who goes through life and has conversations with herself thereby highlighting on some of the details that are very specific for women and women related problems


4 am Shower

This comic page shows how important it is to stay kind to oneself and to others through the simple and cute illustrations that you find.


Thus there are so many comic pages floating around in the portals of Instagram. These are some of the ones that caught our eye.

What is yours?

Original author: Reach Skyline
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