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CARTOON: Bored Celebrities Turn To Sex

When I heard that Allison Mack plead guilty for her involvement with a sex cult all I recalled a thought I had a while ago about celebrities with too much free time and no purpose. Celebrities try to hump their way out of boredom.

Imaging you have so much money that there is n need to actively seek work. Now imagine that you don't know what to do with that time. Now that you’ve had all the weird sex that you can think of, so much so that vanilla sex bores you, now what do you do?

Do you, Richard Gere it and put a gerbil in your keester? (sadly not true) Do you strap a belt around your neck and try to hang yourself like David Carradine? (Very True) Oh wait, I know! Join a sex cult and lure other women to it for the amusement of your boo!

It’s actually a very sad thing that soliciting for a sex cult is what Allison Macky settled on. But I bet the sex itself was amazing.

Original author: Victor Varnado
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