Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel (or Mar-Vell) was a comic series and character created in the 60s by Stan Lee and Gene Colan. Captain Marvel was what earthlings deemed to be an alien, one of the Kree to be exact. Captain Marvel was actually sent to Earth by the Kree as a military officer in order to spy on Earth. Mar-vell is caught in between two worlds and eventually aids on the side of Earth and her people. The Kree claimed Mar-Vell to be a traitor and so he went on the fight for and protect Earth.

This comic has recently been made into a movie and is set to come out next month. On top of this new movie, Captain Marvel was actually rebooted/ revamped not too long ago. In both the new comic and movie, the character of Captain Marvel was turned into a female, and I do believe the origin stories are similar (excluding the movie) I think a lot seems to be fairly different.

This redone series may serve as a clinamen to that of the original. It seems to be fairly consistent with the first series, however, at least in the case with the movie, it is unclear how the origin story fits in and what Captain Marvel will fit into this new scene in the current Marvel Universe. She is still seen as (from what has been given to viewers) a Kree but how she arrived on Earth is unclear, and where she has been for the last 50 years is unclear as well. This Captain Marvel is named Carol Danvers and is based on the most recent version of the Captain Marvels (there has been many remakes and many different characters).

The swerve of this is given profundity because Carol is in need of discovering her own past, neither her nor the reader knows how she came to be about. By making this as such, for someone who has read past comics about this character may be frustrated but also intrigued with all the possibility that could be made from a new origin story. The story is improved upon because mystery is added to the equation with a ton of uncertainty of what is behind every door.

As creators of comics have changed over time so has the depiction of characters that Marvel makes. Whether that be for social reform, as a form of social justice or just for capitalistic measures as a means to produce more profit, Captain Marvel is an amazing character. The influence of such a powerful women changes the game for how people view superheroes in general, especially the upcoming generations. Such influence spreads far and wide, as does her humility and courage. Marvel’s biggest female superhero is about to hit the big stage and no one is ready for what is to come.

Original author: Jay T
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Saturday, 20 April 2019